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Relational: Seeing the Gospel


The power of my testimony

  • We live by the testimony of Jesus Christ.
  • Your testimony is not the Gospel.
  • Preparing your personal testimony.

Seeing with Gospel eyes

  • Seeing people with Gospel eyes
  • Seeing people’s pain and suffering with Gospel eyes
  • Seeing the Church with Gospel eyes

Relational Gospel

  • The Gospel is relational before it is doctrinal
  • The Gospel is more about God and less about me
  • Who is the God we want to relate to?

Discipleship: Living the Gospel


Living the Gospel

  • Understanding human nature
  • The need for self-awareness
  • The process of confession
  • The freedom of repentance
  • The healing of forgiveness
  • The gift of reconciliation with God

Beginning a Christ-centered life

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Our response to God’s grace
  • What is the Christian life?

Appreciating your security in Christ

  • Embracing your identity in Christ
  • Making decisions through God’s wisdom
  • Living in God’s presence and power

Bible Study: Learning the Gospel

Proclamation: Hearing the Gospel

  • How to prepare a Bible study
  • Personal vs. LifeGroups Bible study dynamics
  • Jesus and doctrines: inseparably linked
  • Is public evangelism outdated?
  • How to proclaim the gospel in different settings
  • Principles of homiletics: steps to effective Gospel proclamation

Witnessing to the World: Sharing the Gospel


Sharing the Big Story

  • Preparing to share
  • Presenting the Big Story
  • Check for understanding

Sharing Jesus in a post-Christian world

  • Love the other as yourself
  • Engage in culture
  • Use your sphere of influence

Don’t share what you don’t have

  • Emotional assets: griping or gratitude, bitterness or forgiveness, depression or joy
  • Physical assets: caring for the temple
  • Social assets: you and your relationships
  • Spiritual disciplines